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Set the tone and build momentum at the outset of a negotiation

You only invest 120 Minutes of your time.

Discover the merits of Critical Negotiations in your business with an investment of 120 Minutes of your time. With a 100%, 100 day money back satisfaction guarantee and the services of the creator of the creative-strategic perspective, Chetan Walia

Get the Negotiation Prep Help to Secure the Win in Your next Critical Business Milestone

As a seasoned negotiator, you know how important it is to come prepared for the full arc of a negotiation. Research shows, however, that you should spend just as much time preparing for the first 180 seconds of a negotiation encounter as you do for the rest. That’s because the outcomes of the very first interactions—where negotiators act upon thin slices of information—disproportionately affect overall success. Moreover, when things go awry in these critical first few moments, it can be difficult to recover lost ground.

We show you how to effectively set the tone and agenda, create rapport, and build momentum at the outset of this negotiation

Chetan is the author of over ten books published by the TOP publishers in the world. He is also a Professor of Innovation and Leadership.
Your Will Be Prepared For Every Minute Detail For Your Negotiation
  1. Prepare for negotiation by evaluating sources of power and assessing barriers to negotiated agreement.

  2. Identify shared, opposing, and tradeable interests.

  3. Set a firm, collaborative tone, shape expectations, and propose a well-sequenced agenda that aligns with your priorities.

  4. Generate momentum and a trust-building conversation by sharing information.

  5. Invoke fairness standards to avoid early missteps likely to trigger an impasse or motivate potential spoilers.

  6. Ask probing, clarifying, and investigative questions in a nondefensive manner.

  7. Make opening offers grounded in high aspirations that signal a robust BATNA.

  8. Leverage your professional reputation to encourage concessions.

  9. Maintain emotional control and defend against hard bargaining tactics by reframing unacceptable early moves or offers designed to destabilize negotiators.

  10. Establish the groundwork for writing the other side’s victory speech by focusing on addressing their underlying interests and concerns.

  11. Signal your attentiveness to geographic and organizational cross-cultural differences.

How Does This Work
  1. Choose a time to talk that suits your diary — my diary robot knows when my diary matches yours

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  3. I confirm your appointment time with you with a personal message.

  4. We talk for around an hour at the scheduled time by Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or phone. During this call, I ask questions. I take the time to understand exactly what you need.

  5. I then retire to my 'time' to configure the details for your negotiation. When this process is complete, we meet again to go over this and refine it. 

What is your investment?

  • You invest £997.

  • Your Pitch will be fully prepared by Chetan and his team

  • With a 100%, 100 day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Designed make you more visible, and profitable.

  • We have been doing this since 1999. Together, we will transform your business.

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What Does The Critical Negotiation Deliver?

  • A Specific Negotiation Process and Plan for Your Next Negotiation.

  • ​Where You Are Controlling the frame of the negotiation.

  • Where You are Creating the conditions that make ultimate success more likely.

  • Where You are Auditing and altering the scope of what is being negotiated, when necessary.

  • Where You are Ensuring that your strategy has accounted for the interests, constraints, alternatives, and perspectives of all parties that can influence the negotiation (not just the people in the room).

And then you...

  • Identify—and capitalise on—game-changing inflection points.

  • Overcome psychological and bureaucratic decision-making barriers to commitment-making and closing the deal.

  • Confront hard bargaining “take it or leave it” and yes-but tactics.

  • Leverage deadlines and time urgency.

  • Build commitment to deal implementation.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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The guarantee is valid for a 100 days and nights  – which is plenty of time to see whether it was worthwhile investing in our services.

Ready To Be A Master Dealmaker?

It takes about 120Minutes of your time, and it costs £997. With a 100%, 100 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Book your Critical Negotiation Prep today...
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