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Discover Your Disruptive Power

You only invest 90 Minutes of your time.

Discover the Disruptive Power of your business with an investment of 90 Minutes of your time. With a 100%, 100 day money back satisfaction guarantee and the services of the creator of the creative-strategic perspective, Chetan Walia

Create A Vehicle To Own The Future

Chetan Walia recently discovered the theory of Garage Quotient in his book Strategic Brilliance. Even the smallest of Garage Quotient (e.g. Amazon in its early days) is enough to end and capture the value of full fledged industries (e.g. the book stores world-wide combined). 
He is the author of over ten books published by the TOP publishers in the world. He is also a Professor of Innovation and Leadership.
Let us discover - who we will become, where to play, how to win
  • Understand fast-moving and disruptive trends and the implications for your business

  • Identify high-potential growth opportunities in adjacent and “white space” markets

  • Define the role of M&A in the growth portfolio

  • Identify and pursue game-changing ideas to accelerate growth

  • Expose leadership misalignment: uniting the senior team around strategy

  • Create a customer “thrill” view of the marketplace and opportunities

  • Develop a shared view of future aspirations, and a detailed plan for how to achieve them

How Does This Work
  1. Choose a time to talk that suits your diary — my diary robot knows when my diary matches yours

  2. You then click to make secure payment. Remember you have a 100% 100 day money back satisfaction guarantee

  3. I confirm your appointment time with you with a personal message.

  4. We talk for around an hour at the scheduled time by Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or phone. During this call, I ask questions. I take the time to understand exactly what you need.

  5. I then retire to my 'time' to write your Disruptive Quotient report. When this process is complete, we meet again to go over this and refine it. 

What is your investment?

  • You invest £497.

  • Your GQ Disruptive Report is Fully Structured document

  • With a 100%, 100 day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Designed make you more visible, and profitable.

  • I have been doing this since 1999. Together, we will transform your business.

  • If you're not sure about anything, let's talk. Just click to book a no-obligation ten minute call.


What Does The Live Disruptive Quotient Deliver?

  • You’ll understand the potential impact of innovation for your business.

  • ​I’ll give you an assessment of risk and rewards of different levels of innovation

  • You’ll get a Disruptive Design a robust management process for innovation.

  • You will be able to Evaluate the commercial potential of each proposed innovation.

  • Get insights into Creating and developing a culture of innovation in your teams.

  • ​More importantly (and best of all), you’ll select the correct innovation course for our company.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you don’t feel our services were worth the investment, just document why you believe this, revert with a simple email, and we'll give you your money back. All of it.


The guarantee is valid for a 100 days and nights  – which is plenty of time to see whether it was worthwhile investing in our services.

Ready To Lead Game-Changing Disruption?

It takes about 90 Minutes of your time, and it costs £497. With a 100%, 100 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Book your strategic blue-print today...
“With Chetan besides you any mountain can be surpassed.”

Sandeep Vij, CEO, DDB